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In the UK? Come learn CLRT from Dr. Nick in London! Oct 19-20, 2013

If you are a DC, MD, LAc, PT... CLRT is Guaranteed to blow you away! More Info


Benefits of CLRT

Rapid Relief
Amazingly Effective
Easy to Integrate
Doesn't Require Expensive Tools
Patients Refer More

CLRT Seminar-in-a-Box

Best technique I've found!
Mark Miller, DC
Enjoying learning CLRT, I was getting amazing results within 1 hour of receiving the program!
Steve Roach, DC, Gastonia, NC
Thank you very much for this great contribution to health and eliminating pain! I think I'm very lucky that I came across you and CLRT!!
Barry Burton, DC
I have three words for you......AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I thought it was too good to be true - who knew you could release tension in muscles by pointing a laser at the head? I have witnessed muscles melting before my eyes. I know it will change the way I practice -- it already has!
Tienus Brand RMT, Toronto, CA
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  1. elma murphy says:

    I am an applied kinesiologist and very interested in CLRT. I would love to receive information on the Basic and Advanced kits and also on courses available. I live in Ireland and regularly attend seminars in Gatwick. Unfortunately I did not know about this technique until this year so I have missed the seminar in Gatwick…
    I look forward to your reply with great anticipation!

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